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Atlantis Rising: Medusa Unleashed

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Atlantis Rising: Medusa Unleashed
Atlantis Rising: Medusa Unleashed

Medusa has come. Will she be friend or foe?

Medusa Unleashed is a new module for Atlantis Rising and can be used with any player count, though with new cosmic gate components optimized for use by 1-3 players. The new expansion introduces Monsters, persistent misfortunes that continue to hinder your progress once activated.

This print-and-play mini-expansion can be downloaded here for printing at home! We’re offering this print-and-play as a “Pay What you Can” product, and a portion of all proceeds will go to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. We suggest a donation of $5 to $10. But, again, please pay what you can.

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