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Atlantis Rising Extended Difficulty Mini-Expansion

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Atlantis Rising Extended Difficulty Mini-Expansion

Get a sneak peek at future expansion materials, with this promotional set of 24 cards originally made available as a part of the Atlantis Rising Kickstarter campaign. Shipping is not included in the listed price.

Many of these cards will be included in the 2021 Atlantis Rising: Monstrosities expansion.


  • 10-card Hologram deck, for use with the Hologram meeple in 1 and 2 player games of Atlantis Rising (tarot-sized, 70x110mm cards)
  • 14 misfortune cards specifically designed to help create easier or more difficult game play modes for Atlantis Rising, at any and all player counts. (bridge/American-sized, 57x87mm cards)
    • Receding Waters (3)
    • Calm Seas (3)
    • Controlled Flood (3)
    • Catastrophic Flood (3)
    • Cascading Calamities
    • Lack of Support

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