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Merchants of the Dark Road

Merchants of the Dark Road

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Merchants of the Dark Road

After half a year of daylight, we must now prepare for the dark season.

Merchants of the Dark Road is a strategy game for 1-4 players. Discover the capital city of Lumi where most of your actions will take place. Collect and produce items to add to your caravan, or sell these items to local heroes and hire them to travel with you. Manipulate the market price of items, visit the back alley sellers, or delve a nearby dungeon for magical items to gain the potential for even more coin and notoriety.

Gather lanterns to ease your passage along the dark roads as you guide your caravan to distant villages. Deliver goods and heroes to the best destinations and gain fame for your bravery! Balance the money you earn with the height of your fame because your final score after a number of game rounds will reflect the lowest of these two values.

After all, what good is a purse full of the coin if the people don’t sing songs about you, and what good is a song with an empty mug of ale?


  • 1 Kingdom Board
  • 1 Market Wheel
  • 5 Building Tiles
  • 2 District Markers
  • 16 Lantern Tokens
  • 24 Quartz Tokens
  • 12 Horseshoe Tokens
  • 60 Coin Tokens
  • 4 Wagon Boards
  • 4 Player Screens
  • 4 Prestige Markers
  • 4 Wagon Pawns
  • 48 Hero Cards
  • 22 Companion Cards
  • 26 Event Cards
  • 7 Steed Cards
  • 19 Deed Cards
  • 30 Commission Tiles
  • 6 Wagon Upgrade Tiles
  • 81 Goods Tiles
  • 28 Night Dice
  • 8 Illuminated Dice
  • 5 Market Dice
  • 5 Travel Dice
  • 1 Oracle Die
  • 1 Ruins Die
  • 1 Private Concern Wagon Pawn
  • 1 Private Concern Prestige Marker
  • 1 Private Concern Goods Marker
  • 10 Private Concern Action Cards
  • 6 Guild Notice Cards
  • 3 Sarcophagus Cards
  • 6 Delivery Tiles
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Solo Rulebook/Adventure book

70 cards size 44×67mm, 45 cards size 59x91mm, 26 cards size 87x112mm


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